VIDEO: Napoleon Wright II – “And So It Is”

Time to give some shine to one of my really good friends, Mr. Napoleon Wright II.  The song is called “And So It Is.”  And it’s just one of those simple-yet-strong soul joints that is getting across a message that we should all find some truth in. 

Nap wrote, produced, recorded and directed this video all on his own.  How he got an empty bus to drive him around while he filmed this is still a mystery to me.  But it came out fresh.  I even like the shakiness and sometimes out-of-focus frames.  It gives the video an organic feel and illustrates the confusion surrounding the subject. 

If you like it, please spread it around like the flu.  Post it on your blogs, send it to a friend online, play it on your podcasts, etc.  I’m including the MP3 below.

DOWNLOAD | Napoleon Wright II – “And So It Is”
(re-upped Jan 10, 2009)


…but sometimes the truth ain’t the TRUUUTH! this is a gem.

johnson! added these pithy words on Jun 30 08 at 7:06 pm

thats whats up!!!!

von pea added these pithy words on Jul 01 08 at 4:05 am

I like the song it should be a little longer … nice beat, maybe a more appealling background like a park or beach representing a moment of reflection when the artist is singing

alma added these pithy words on Jan 20 10 at 11:51 am

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