Trees for Breakfast is an idea I’ve had for quite some time now inspired by my friends, my social life, music and my everyday surroundings. 

Please don’t take the name literally.  This site won’t be about “waking and baking.”  The name comes from Nas’ “If I Ruled the World.”  And yes, he was talking about getting up in the morning and smokin’ weed. But I took it a little further.

I am using it as a metaphor for opening minds and expanding your thought process. Mental stimulation. In a perfect environment, if people really woke up in the morning with a broader scope of the world and open to experience new things, it would be pretty ill to say the very least. So my goal is to put people on to new things that they may not have known about before.  If it falls in the realm of art, music, style, etc., I’m gonna blog about it in hopes that someone out there will dig it and pass the word.


Yay! RSS feeding this!

Kathy Iandoli added these pithy words on May 01 08 at 1:31 pm


mmmichele added these pithy words on May 01 08 at 3:40 pm

nice touch… can we get a link back to the home page? the header banner?

Antoine added these pithy words on May 02 08 at 11:23 am

Hey there,
I work for a music marketing and publicity firm. We would love to send you some music your way. What is your email?

Nora added these pithy words on Jun 09 08 at 9:58 pm

no doubt, great blog. Much respect. Yo are you signed up fir my email list? Lots of music sent out. Holler at Peace!

miles bonny added these pithy words on Oct 30 08 at 2:20 pm

Hey Trees for Breakfast,

I’m contacting you on behalf of Raw Fusion, a reputable record label and major monthly party in New York City. Please post this on your blog if you’re interested.

Please take a minute to watch this new video piece about the Raw Fusion NYC party on The piece features Bugz in the Attic’s Daz-I-Kue, and singer Zaki Ibrahim, Raw Fusion resident djs OP! & Scribe, tastemakers and guest commentators) Human Being and Brainchild (Onesoulfulnegro), and cameo appearances by DJ Spinna, Fiona Bloom (Bloom Effect), Chris Annibell (Afrokinetic), and more. 8,000+ views and counting…

if you want to repost it, the html is

VIMBY – Raw Fusion


Jon Simon added these pithy words on Jan 19 09 at 6:00 pm

I stand corrected. My bad for thinking you were a weedhead b/c that’s totally NOT you. “Time is moving like molasses. Mom help!” <—you on twitter 5 days ago.

Regardless, you do dope (tee hee) shit. Keep it up *pause*

Michelle added these pithy words on Mar 11 09 at 11:26 am

hello. we are interested in sending you promo material for some of our artists including theophilus london and machinedrum. please contact us at at your earliest convenience.

__|__ added these pithy words on Aug 26 09 at 3:31 pm




Tone added these pithy words on Sep 03 09 at 9:32 am

hi my name is Denmark vessey i’m a producer rapper from detroit. I’m in a group called Crown NAtion and we just completed an album by the name of Slut BAg Edition i’d like to know how we can get you post up one of our songs and maybe write a review of the album thank you

Denmark Vessey added these pithy words on Nov 08 09 at 6:00 pm

Requesting contact information in regards to a banner exchange. Please e-mail me!

Frere Independent
Pool Art Fait, NEW YORK

Jackie added these pithy words on Feb 23 10 at 1:11 pm

Hello, Do you mind if I link to your site? Thanks.

kathy added these pithy words on May 19 10 at 11:21 am

We loves the site, hit us up

Jessica added these pithy words on Sep 29 10 at 12:29 am

what is the best email to reach you at so we can send you music/clothes/items/beverages and all the other products our pr firm is working on currently? let me know. thanks! –

Leigh Feldman added these pithy words on Oct 20 10 at 6:43 pm

Hi Trees for Breakfast

My name is Mat and I produce/dj under the alias Goosensei. My style is quite psychedelic/tribal/dub and I like my drums :) I would love if you could listen to what ive got on soundcloud > GOOSTEP  and if you like what you hear please share it on your blog and I would be more than happy to send cover art/images for your post. 


Mat / Goosensei

soundcloud -
artwork -

(I couldnt find your email address so I posted here)

Mat / Goosensei added these pithy words on Jan 28 11 at 10:45 am

Do you guys take music submissions for this blog?

ThisisDA added these pithy words on May 14 11 at 10:18 am

The title of this blog was enough to spark my curiosity and I like what I’m reading so far!

Lizanne added these pithy words on Jul 07 11 at 6:18 pm

ill blog name…ill blog content.
maybe this will move you too

keep up the smooth postings!

Azuré added these pithy words on Jul 17 11 at 6:22 pm


I’d like to submit my latest project:
d’schildchrodd, music by khaderbai

You can watch the video
on youtube

You can listen to the album snippet
on bandcamp
on soundcloud

Visit khaderbai on facebook

I’d appreciate greatly any form of support and would be thrilled if you’d consider posting some of the material on your site.

I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy my music,

khaderbai added these pithy words on Aug 28 11 at 11:09 am

I realy like what you are doin and we wanna share with you some music.
Where we can do that? Email or something?

josip added these pithy words on Sep 02 11 at 3:40 am

Love the name, the vibe and the site! I have audio treats that I’d love to share, and get feedback on. The latest offering is:

Could you? Would you? Give a listen? ;)
I thank you in advance!

sOuL added these pithy words on Sep 25 11 at 1:20 pm


I am working on publicity for a few artists and I would love share their music with you. What is the best way that I can do this?

Tara Sweatt

Tara Sweatt added these pithy words on Sep 27 11 at 12:28 am

Hey what up TFB!

First, thank you for your contributions to the hip hop community – been a fan for a while.

I have something here that may just be right up your alley. To which email address can I send it to?


Sophia added these pithy words on Nov 22 11 at 1:56 am


I didn’t see any contact info. on your blog so I’m passing along a link to my album here. Please check it out and pass it along if ya dig it…


AugustFanon added these pithy words on Jan 26 12 at 4:28 pm

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