VIDEO: 10.Deep Skate Team Canadian Tour – “Canuck If You Buck”

I’m posting this for a number of reasons.  First off, I think 10.Deep is the shit and they do things correctly.  The last 10.Deep post I did was a spam magnet, but whatever.  It’s worth it.  Secondly, “Good Love” by Sheek Louch is a dope song.  Simple and plain.  It somehow fits nicely with the above footage.  D-BLOCK! 

And lastly, I’ve always liked skateboarding since I was young.  I even went through a brief phase when I thought I wanted to skate for a living.  I blame Christian Hosoi for that.  But it took me forever to learn how to do a simple ollie so I gave up.  So I have tons of respect for pro skaters like these (specifically Daniel Kim, Nate Fantasia, Tommy Wisdom and Tony Montgomery in this video) who risk life and limb to pursue what they love.  Here’s the 10.Deep Skate Team tearing Canada the eff up.

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