VIDEO: Kissey Asplund – “Silverlake” (Nike I Am 90 Sound Series)

One of my favorite artists that I stumbled upon this year is Swedish songstress Kissey Asplund.  If you can find her album Plethora, pick it up without hesitation.  She also has an older EP called Fuss N Fight as well as a slew of random songs floating around.  I like when it’s hard for me to describe the style and sound of an artist.  It’s a good thing.  I really can’t classify her.  All I know is I can zone out to her vocals.

Peep this quick Nike I Am 90 Sound Series clip (via Current).  The series focuses on European musicians who share the Nike Air Max 90 attitude (whatever that means).  The AM90 is one of my favorite Nike models of all-time. 

Kissey Asplund illustrates the lifestyle of a singer in Stockholm.  I like how this was shot.  Nice marriage of style, imagery and music.  The song is called “Silverlake” and it’s produced by Dorian Concept (someone I’ve blogged about before).  Oh, you want the MP3 too?  *sigh*  Fiiiiiiiiine.  Look below.

p.s. Big ups to DJ Scribe.

DOWNLOAD | Kissey Asplund – “Silverlake”
(re-upped Dec 11, 2008)

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