Che Grand – “I Know You Still Want Me”

So I found this over on Aeon’s blog the other night (as he’s the producer of this track).  I lost my mind on first listen because it’s probably one of the best songs off Che Grand‘s soon-to-be-released debut opus (Everything’s Good Ugly) I’ve heard to date.  However it was streaming and not available for download.  But, using my uncanny HTML code-breaking abilities, I snatched the MP3 anyway because I’m a nerd like that.  And I ALMOST posted it with reckless abandon because I was feeling it THAT much. Then I realized there was probably a good reason why it was streaming in the first place.

So I did the nice thing:  asked for permission.  After a few emails back and forth w/ Che, I was given the greeeeeeeen liiiiiiight (© John Legend).  Ladies and gents, a TREES FOR BREAKFAST EXCLUSIVE! The rough cut of “I Know You Still Want Me” complete with alot of ad libby shit talkin’ @ the end that might not be there when the album finally drops.  So consider this is a collector’s item.

p.s. Mega-daps to 6th Sense tickling the keys on this joint on some Teddy Riley ish.

DOWNLOAD | Che Grand – “I Know You Still Want Me”

NOTE: “I Know You Still Want Me” can be found on Che’s 2009 debut album Everything’s Good Ugly, which can be purchased via Bandcamp.


good looks, ’cause my shat’s down. :(

Aeon added these pithy words on Sep 15 08 at 1:33 pm

Che sounds like Lloyd Banks on the hook and still kills it.

johnson! added these pithy words on Sep 18 08 at 8:03 pm

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