Zo! & Tigallo – “Human”


A project that has been in the works for what seems like a lifetime now is on the cusp of being released to the masses.  I for one, am amped as hell.  I was fortunate enough to preview the whole album recently and I was floored.  It’s called Zo & Tigallo Love the ’80s.  Only 2500 hard copies will be made with 300 of those autographed.  After that, no more.  This is some special limited edition, collector’s item type stuff. 

It’s really simple.  Zo! re-creates some of your favorite ’80s joints and Phonte sings the hell out of ‘em.  Don’t expect cookie cutter covers though.  All of the songs have been freaked a little differently just to give them a little present-day flavor.  Some of you may have already peeped “Africa” (Toto) and “Take On Me” (A-Ha) via their MySpace page.  The MP3s for those are floating around and you can probably find them pretty easy if your Google game is tight.

Below, check out the joint they just leaked, “Human” (originally by Human League).

DOWNLOAD | Zo! & Tigallo – “Human”

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