VIDEO: Benny Sings LIVE @ Paradiso – 11/23/07

Not everyone can get into Benny Sings‘ music.  And trust me, I’ve tried to create fans.  And I’ve learned (the hard way) that he’s one of those “either you like him or you don’t” type artists.  I was just put on to him in early 2007 (thanks Dennis) and basically bumped his joints the entire year. 

He’s a very talented producer / musician in my eyes.  It was the arrangements of his songs that pulled me in.  Can he actually sing?  Ehhhh, the jury’s still out on that.  But he’s doing something right.  I can’t stop playing the guy’s music. 

Thanks to a young lady whom I met on named missmagneto, I got to peep the above video (courtesy of Fabchannel) of a set he did at Paradiso in Amsterdam late last year (featuring the beautiful Giovanca on his right).  The funny part about this is that I had been in Amsterdam since November 16th.  November 23rd was the day I left to come back to New York.  And If I am not mistaken, this is the performance where he opened for Jill Scott.

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