VIDEO: Jay Smooth – “Yes We Can (George Carlin remix)”

Jay Smooth has done it again.  If you’ve never seen’s “Yes We Can” video for Barack Obama, this won’t make any sense to you at all.  So start there first if you haven’t.  Jay has taken the same context and parodied it.  However I hate to call it a parody because that makes it seem purely silly and comedic.  As funny as this is, it has a very sweet and heartfelt sentiment behind it. 

RIP George Carlin, indeed.  In Jay’s own words:

For the great one. One of the biggest influences on my understanding of everything, and his legendary “7 dirty words” court case happened at the radio station where I’ve spent half my life. One of the people I most most most wanted to meet/interview. You could always count on him to be on top of the now for however long he was here, and I know that he was a devoted blog reader, so I always fantasized about him visiting my site or seeing one of my vids.

Oh and btw, this video contains adult language.  You knew that, right?

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