Air Jordan 6IX (Six) Rings

Now I’ve never been a big Jordan fan (of the man or the sneakers…don’t kill me).  But when I came across this, I kinda cocked my head to the left 45 degrees and said “Wow.”  What you’re looking at above are the Air Jordan 6IX (Six) Rings. 

It’s a combination of all of the Air Jordans that MJ wore when he won his NBA championships — the VI, VII, VIII, XI, XII and XIII.  Very creative, I must say.  They don’t even look like basketball sneakers.  That’s probably why I like ‘em so much.  They have this high-end streetwear flair to ‘em.  I’d rock ‘em in a heartbeat.  However, I’m scared to even think of the price tag on these.  Looks like they are dropping around November this year. 

Big ups to Zilla Says, which came up first in the Google search for the pic.


the strap from the 8′s mess them up to me, but i want to see them in person before i fully judge lol

Pea added these pithy words on Jun 11 08 at 5:35 pm

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