Elucid – “Final Frontier”

There was a time where my homie Elucid was nowhere to be found musically.  He went on a little break.  And I remember I used to bug him every time I’d see him in the street like “Where’s the new music, sir?!?”  He’d be like “It’s comin’ man.”  Fast forward to present day and now I can’t even keep up. He’s been leaking a new joint every single Wednesday for the past couple months.

Peep THIS new doozy.  According to E, this is a joint off his upcoming album entitled K.E.Y.S. with Imported Goodz on the beat (who may be making some more noise soon if I my predictions are right).  I’m amped.  I only post the heat folks.

DOWNLOAD | Elucid – “Final Frontier”

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