Tinker Hatfield shoots Kanye an email.

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This is just something that I find kinda cool that Kanye posted on his blog.  Yeezy received a very nice email from one Tinker Hatfield complimenting one of the recent Glow In the Dark shows. 

If you are unfamiliar, Mr. Hatfield is a world-renown designer responsible for the creation of some of Nike’s most successful sneaker models.  Namely some of my all-time favorites — the Air Max, Air Safari and Huarache lines to name a few.  However, one of his most notable contributions to Nike’s Innovation Kitchen is probably the Air Jordan III, one of the most successful pieces in the Jordan collection.

What I love the most about this is just the proof of how closely the art and music worlds can intertwine from an aesthetic point-of-view.  They are two of the most powerful things in the universe in my opinion.  And it’s great to see one of the masters of one field give props to one of the masters of the other.  Being an artist / designer myself, it’s very uplifting and inspiring.

I’m saving this quote forever:  “Art is a worthy pursuit, but I think design is an even higher form of creativity.  Design fuses art and science, or art and problem solving, or art and usefulness, sometimes all the above in the same project.” 

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