Wildahead Portibeast Mixtape

This is something I have been waiting on ever since I got a taste of it on Mick Boogie & 6th Sense’s Go For It mixtape.  The chap above is Wildabeast of Notherground Music (6th’s mic cannibal homie).  He likes Portishead.  A lot.  So he decided to do a whole mixtape rhyming over Portishead stuff.  You take Wildabeast and Portishead, mash ‘em together and you get either Wildahead or Portibeast.  Either way, the outcome is monstrous.  illRoots is also on board for this trip.

Below, you can peep a quick video of Wil breaking down his inspiration for the project and his genuine love for Portishead.  And after that, the all-important download link (and an extra treat).

DOWNLOAD | Wildahead Portibeast (mixtape)
DOWNLOAD (bonus) | Mick Boogie & 6th Sense – Go For It (mixtape)


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