Von Pea – “Real Music”

This isn’t an exclusive or anything.  It’s just not alot of people have it.  So I guess consider it a collector’s item.  Especially all you Tanya Morgan / Lessondary nuts.  I know there’s a grip of y’all.

This was recorded around the time that TM’s critically-acclaimed debut album Moonlighting was dropping.  So it’s a little old.  And only two verses long.  I don’t know the whole back story behind this so I’m going to obvious route:  One-third of the crew, Von Pea, got a dope instrumental from Dutch producer SirOJ.  Von said “I like this,” rhymed over it and it came out fly.  The end.

Von says he heard someone else rhyme over the same beat after him.  I’ve never heard it.  But I’ll bet that it’s not as good as this.

p.s. Tanya Morgan’s The Bridge EP (yes, it’s fire) drops on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008.



oj heard von through several of his projects
knew i knew von and passed me the instrumental

i passed it to von

von recorded over it

et voila

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