VIDEO: Leon Ware f/ Quadron – “Orchids for the Sun”

I feel like this isn’t getting the attention is deserves. I want to attempt to remedy this.  And the purpose of this blog is to put people on to new aesthetics, thoughts and ideas. Collaboration is a key vehicle to facilitate that. Take for instance this one-off collabo between living songwriting / producing legend Leon Ware and a Trees for Breakfast staple, Danish duo Quadron.  The three got together and crafted this beautiful composition entitled “Orchids for the Sun.”

While many know Quadron for their boundary-breaking experimental electro-soul, a more traditional approach was taken for this song.  The Leon influence was obviously dominant.  Nothing but good vibes and mental relaxation here.  Photographer Lisa Roze was hired to shoot the photography for the single and the b-roll video from the day shoot turned out so nice, they made it into the official video.

For more info about obtaining this single, visit Quieres Chicle, the boutique label responsible for this elegant track.

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