Induce – “Hot As Love” (prod. by Robin Hannibal)

Are you ready for a little side-to-side sway music? Of course you are. Jacking beats is still a very highly-debated topic in music. Especially in this age, where recording a song and releasing it is as easy as a few keystrokes and mouse-clicks. But when you’re an independent artist trying to get some attention, sometimes drastic times call for drastic measures. The difference is the confidence.

Induce demonstrates that to the utmost with “Hot As Love.” The beat was created by Robin Hannibal, one-half of Quadron. However, he didn’t have any permission to use it. He explains:

So the story goes…I heard this instrumental produced by Robin Hannibal during his time at the Red Bull Music Academy last year and I couldn’t let it live its life without lyrics. Within the first few listens, I had the whole song in my head, all while driving around one day. So I went home, wrote it all out, recorded it, got a friend to sing the girl parts, re-recorded those, and here it is. It’s TOTALLY UNOFFICIAL and UNAUTHORIZED, although I heard through the grapevine he digs it a little bit. Hopefully, you will too.

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