VIDEO: Wiki – “Wikispeaks” / Wiki – 1993

Straight up and down, a song / video hasn’t hit me this hard since Earl Sweatshirt’s “EARL.” I caught a glimpse of some chatter about “Wikispeaks” on Twitter the other night. Us night owl rap nerds do some of our best work after midnight.

At the current moment, I don’t know much about this kid Wiki. From a little detective work, I can tell he’s a rebellious kid from somewhere uptown (around 96th St or so) and he’s really into graffiti. He runs with a crew called RATKING (shouts to my TMNT fans). And if you ask me to go further, I’d go as far to say that he was cryogenically frozen in the Rawkus / Def Jux era and just thawed out recently to save NYC from the bullsh*t. The second coming of Yak Ballz, even. The kid can SPIT.

Sh*t like this makes me proud to be from NYC. There’s an aura that emanates from the concrete, sewers and subway tunnels and it permeates our pores. Wiki absorbed ALL of that and it’s evident in his music. I can’t wait to see him evolve.  If you dig the video, you can grab the entire project entitled 1993 below, which dropped in October of 2011. He’s just starting to get eyes on him now. Instant fan right here.


How can listen to this and not think Slim Shady Wanna Be…. This kid sounds like the human form of Stan. The Slim Shady Lp clearly is the best thing that happened to this guy…no Def Jux about it.
This really aces you proud to be from NY? is the North Face jacket & Back Packs he and his crew is wearing?
Please Pop in some Action Bronson quick dun

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