VIDEO: TiRon & Ayomari f/ Yummy Bingham – “All My Love”

Okay, so this isn’t the first time that a rap song has featured kids as the main subjects for a video. B.I.G.’s “Sky’s the Limit” and the unofficial clip for CRS’ “Us Placers” come to mind the quickest. But it’s the first time in a very long time where it has been pulled off flawlessly.  Big up to director Mike Mihail for the vision on this one. 

Peep the cinematics for “All My Love,” a tale of a school boy crush on a girl that has a man that ain’t treatin’ her right (featuring the vivacious Yummy Bingham). This appears on TiRon & Ayomari‘s A Sucker for Pumps album, one of the most dynamic and innovative hip-hop releases of 2011.

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