Diz Gibran & Moonshine – The Return EP

After I got hype just from reading the subject of the email containing the newest offering from Diz Gibran & Moonshine, I noticed a poignant line in the body — “…sometimes you gotta go away to make a comeback.”  Well that’s one way to make the fiends (such as myself) go through withdrawal.  I’m just happy he wasn’t gone for good.

After a pretty lengthy hiatus (in Internet time), an EP, aptly entitled The Return, re-aligns the dynamic duo of Diz & Moon with their trademark blend of classic bars and beats.  Don’t expect your usual, garden variety Cali rap.  This project takes the scenic route via a freeway joyride with a couple back alley shortcuts for good measure.  Impressive material.  Shouts to Heather over at herfection for the presentation duties on this.

DOWNLOAD | Diz Gibran & Moonshine – The Return EP

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