VIDEO: Tracy Cruz – “Love’s Galaxy”

When you operate a music blog such as the one you’re on now (even if it is mildly popular), you’re going to eventually have to deal with the barrage of unsolicited submissions by artists looking for a little digital shine. Grinding and getting your name out is a difficult task.  But unfortunately more often than none, the music is not really in-line for the vibe I’m going for on Trees for Breakfast.

But one day, an email appeared in my inbox that I took a chance on. I don’t know what compelled me to open the email, but it happened.  It was from a young lady by the name of Tracy Cruz (a long time TFB reader). And it was a link to a video for a song of hers called “Love’s Galaxy.” And the song was pretty damn good. There’s a early ’00s soul vibe in here that I miss dearly. 

After reading the credits on YouTube, I found out the production of the video was a 100% homemade family affair (featuring cameos by her husband and two adorable kids). What’s not to love there? The spacy background visuals are courtesy of Nasa ESA Space Hubble. If you’re diggin’ this, you can find it on Tracy’s album Universoul Symphony, which you can grab on iTunes.

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