DJ Shred One – The Bird & The Beat

DJ Shred One is no stranger to this blog.  We spent An Evening at Le Cirque, journeyed into her Lovespace (giggity) and felt the dizzying effects of a DJ Spinna tribute mix.  And now, what might be one of her most genius concepts to date.  Female vocalists who are relegated to doing background harmonies and hooks are often overlooked and underappreciated.  Most of the time, it is these ladies that are the glue that holds a song together.  Shred recognized that and built a beautiful pedestal for them to get their shine on, entitled The Bird and The Beat.  Kudos to a job expertly executed.  Still not seeing the pretty picture?  In her words…

THE BIRD & the BEAT is a soul-experiential collection of chorus, hooks and bridges, sung by the songbirds of hip hop, and supported by beats of original hip hop producers, dedicated to give the timeless sound of the female vocalist its musical moment in the sun.

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