The Stuyvesants f/ Naturel – “Stoops, Parks & Rooftops”

I have been fiending for some new heat from The Stuyvesants for quite some time now.  I had the pleasure of getting a preview of this track at a show last week.  And there’s a funny story behind it.  24 hours prior to the show, Naturel heard the beat for the first time, geeked out (understandably so) and wrote / tried to memorize it in time for his set.  Even though he stumbled a little, it worked.  The crowd loved it and was left salivating for more.

Here we are less than a week later and “Stoops, Parks & Rooftops” is complete.  An ode to the first day of Summer in Brooklyn.  If you’ve never experienced that, you’re missing out on something truly special.  If this is a taste of what is to come we can expect a triumphant follow-up to Brooklyn’s Finest.

Stream / download the song after the lyrics below.

Damn sunshine it’s been a minute since I seen ya
I don’t really know what happened or what got between us
But last summer I was fallin’ for autumn so eager
‘Til her cousin went and had me caught up in the sleeper
Now I just broke up wit’ that cold bitch she actin’ diva
So you know a bruh need a breather
Couple liters wit’ a couple o’ Filipinas
Smokin’ some good sativa, losin’ these sneakers
Perusin’ these beaches, huh…
Sheeeeyit, add a couple Trinas
We gon’ make this summer hot boy, jalapena
Hittin’ these streets like I was A/C water, I’m out here
See these other little youngins ain’t figured me out yet
You can spit these bars, you can look the part
But can you really handle music and fashion and art?
I thought I told you muhfuckas it’s all in the stars
Get in line, it’s The Stuy, the summer is ours…

[ break ]

At a cookout wit’ my feet up, D rollin’ tree up
We gon’ burn it down after we fuck this cherry wheat up
Hawkin’ like I’m Steven, tell them stars I see to ease up
B’s up, we can pour another three cups, lean up and just vibe wit’ it
They callin’ me Michael Phelps the way a youngin’ dive in it
Hell I’m hopin’ shorty just has a decent mind, hear me
If she do, tryin’ go, tryin’ to get this girl present front row, at every show
Then calm my nerves, after words, we can swerve
If you butter up that waffle baby, I’ll provide the syrup
We for sure, gettin’ it in, shorty gon’ call up yo friends
And we’ll ascend to a rooftop, red cup o’ the Guin
I’m in the sun ’til it’s too hot
Then I’ll move wit’ the crew to a cool spot
Preferably not the usu’, but a new spot
Y’know the summer it’s just stoops, parks and rooftops…



aka1stclass added these pithy words on Jul 04 11 at 9:22 pm

I like the song. Keep up the good work man.

James added these pithy words on Jul 06 11 at 9:28 pm

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