Maverick – The First Step

You have to be a pretty skilled individual to get a hearty co-sign from production prodigy Oddisee.  A little while back, he utilized some of the precious real estate in his periodic newsletter to spotlight a homie of his that goes by the name Maverick.  I guess all of the dope producers stick together down in the DMV, huh?  And you also have to be pretty secure in your skill set to crown yourself with such a moniker.  Thankfully, this is definitely the case.  The First Step is a solid instrumental debut effort.  It’s a clinic in soul sampling.  All you crate diggers might need to start getting your weight up.


Just wanted to stop through and say much thanks for the support. Great blog you have here…I will definitely have to come back and check you out. Thanks again…

Maverick added these pithy words on Jun 24 11 at 3:07 pm

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