DJ Topspin & Kuddie Fresh – The REMIXtape

Many moons ago (mere months in Internet time), DJ Topspin sent this over to me.  Top’s ever-s0-clever nickname is Blendiana Jones.  He’s one of the very few DJs left on this tiny planet that champions the art of blending.  This was blindingly evident back in 2009 when he teamed up w/ Waajeed for the PPP Remixtape.  That remains one of my favorite mixtapes to date.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Top decided to holla @ his homie Kuddie Fresh (affiliated with West coast-based production powerhouse Tha Bizness) for yet another tape to knock whenever you deem fit.  It’s a little bit of everything sprinkled with exclusive beats and superb blends.  It’s speaker workout time.

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