Adele – “Rolling In the Deep” (1-O.A.K. remix)

Everyone knows that Adele is the best thing to happen to contemporary soul in the past year and change.  A ray of light that appeared out of the thick, dark, ominous cloud of autotune, Adele re-invigorated the music industry with her heartfelt, rich, authentic brand of compositions that has garnered her countless critical acclaim and a couple of Grammys to boot.  Not since Amy Winehouse has the UK had such a crossover breakout star.  And of course, we love her over here on this side of the pond.

“Rolling In the Deep” was the monster single that snagged everyone’s attention.  Not only does he have fans in the general public but also in other musician circles.  1-O.A.K. of the Bay Area’s mighty Honor Roll crew took a stab and giving her debut song a new dance-ready look and feel, utlizing heavy chords, a groovy baseline and an uptempo, staccato drum.  Peep the results below.

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