VIDEO: Lyle Horowitz f/ Elucid – “By the Block (Child of the Sun)”

I seriously don’t have a first clue on how to classify this.  But I do know that it frightens me a little. Upon first watch of this video, I seriously zoned the hell out.  Elucid is already one of my favorite criminally-snoozed on rappers.  And his voice and sharp flow fits this eerie, homicidal stalker drum (courtesy of Lyle Horowitz) like a knife in a sheath.  It’s the sort of stuff  destined for classic cinematic horror status.  5846 Films definitely was on some other sh*t with this video treatment.  You can find this joint on Lyle Horowitz’s new Aueter: Director’s Cut album.  TFB is not responsible for any bad dreams this may cause.

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