Vacationer – “Trip”

Right now, I’m a little in the dark about this new group called Vacationer.  What got my attention first was the name.  I mean, who doesn’t like going on vacation?  Secondly, it was a big co-sign from one of my new favorite artists Body Language (whose Social Studies EP still gets major clickage on my iPod) that got me even more interested.  An intriguing, vague portion of the message that proceeded a link to the song “Trip” read:

Vacationer is a very special collaboration that we’ve been secretly tinkering with since last summer with a wonderful singer who will go unnamed for now.

Yup, that’s all I got, folks.  However, the song is really dope.  Even the visuals for this makes me want to throw some clothes in a bag and just escape.  Check it out for yourself below.  And you can grab the song for FREE here.

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