Häzel – The Lost Tapes

It was a while ago when one of my most trusted music nerd friends, DJ Brainchild, deluged me one Saturday afternoon with tracks he snatched off a Soundcloud page belonging to Häzel.  He firmly planted himself on my radar and didn’t move from there even though there wasn’t much output happening.

Then one day out of the blue, I get a tweet from Canadian soul sensation Ebrahim with a link to a full-length instrumental album from his homie Häzel called The Lost Tapes.  Seriously, these were “lost” beats?  One can only imagine what he has in the “keep” pile.  Keep an ear and eye out for this beast of a beatmaker, y’all.

p.s. Häzel’s incredible work has not gone unnoticed.  His first proper independent release, an EP entitled Playground, will be on sale digitally on May 16 on Onra‘s new label Catblock.  The iTunes version will contain six original songs plus two unreleased beats by a duo cleverly known as Onrazel.  Mark your calendar.

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