Probe DMS – Life Is A Movie

Way back in 2008, I posted a song that I had an unhealthy addiction to called “Off & On Love” by Probe DMS (the skinny guy on the album cover above).  It was to be on a fully self-produced album that was SUPPOSED to drop at the end of the same year called Life Is A Movie.  2008 came and went.  So did 2009.  And 2010 for that matter.  No album.  I was sad but I didn’t let it get to me (too much).

Lo and behold, a couple of days ago, I get a Mediafire link from Probe via AIM along with the message: “feel free to share.”  I was happier than a caucasian lady in Magnolia Bakery.  Life Is A Movie is here.  Solid, QUALITY hip-hop.  Heavy drum machine patterns and sizzling synths.  Probe was gracious enough to provide a free download link for a limited time (which you can find right below the Bandcamp stream). If you dig it, feel free to put $5 on it. Peep it now and see what I’ve been fiending for since ’08. Lights, camera…

DOWNLOAD | Probe DMS – Life Is A Movie

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