J*DaVeY – Evil Christian Cop: The Great Mistapes EP

Just when you thought they disappeared into the mist, J*DaVeY is back with another FREE EP to add to their Great Mistapes series.  Everyone went silly over Boudoir Synema back in December of 2009 (Christ on a pony, has it been that long?) and the same effect was gained with this new offering.  If everything goes according to plan, all signs point to a release of New Designer Drug, their long-awaited official major label release, in the very near future.  But we’re not complaining about free music in the meantime.  Peep a quick blurb about Evil Christian Cop below…

Evil Christian Cop was inspired by the dark undercurrents that exist in the phrase “To protect and serve.” As producer Brook D’Leau explains, “Why should we rely on an evil stranger to protect and serve when you have the power to protect and serve yourself?” The EP features co-production by Greg Wells (“Teen Spirit”), GB (“Lazy Daze”), and LA-based lyricist DefSound. Full of synths, alluring vocals, and distinct production, the seductive twosome provide a dreamy soundscape for listeners to lose themselves in. Jack Davey and Brook leave all interpretations up to the listener.

“We cannot provide the message, we simply provide the mental playground for the listeners’ minds to go wild upon,” says Brook.

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