Meet Steve Duncan.  Steve lives for adventure, danger and feeding his curiosity.  All three of those thirsts are quenched whenever he dons his backpack and heads where millions of people would never dare explore, the underground of New York City.  And I don’t mean musically or culturally.  I’m talking LITERALLY UNDERGROUND.

Steve, along with a tremendous amount of help from director / cinematographer Andrew Wonder, has created some serious seismic tremors on the internet with the above short documentary called UNDERCITY, a 27-minute crash course in what has been coined as “urban exploration.”  With no permission or official consent of any kind (like true rebels do), Andrew slithers into sewers, trespasses in tunnels and scales steel all in the name of education for the masses.  I will never have the cojones to attempt the things that go on in this film, but I’m grateful for people that do.  Because it’s captivating.  My heart seriously started racing around the 25-minute mark.  You’ll see why.

p.s.  If you dig this, peep one of the must-read articles that started all of the buzz, The Wilderness Below Our Feet (NY Times).

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