Induce – “Her & I”

If this isn’t a funky stroll around a field of big, fuzzy hearts, I don’t know what is.  There’s nothing wrong with shouting about how much you love your significant other from the proverbial mountaintops.  Just not so much where it gets nauseating.  This is a very succint and neat package of admiration for that someone special with a shiny, neon-hued bow on top.  Thanks to the Giant Step gang for this one.

“Her & I” is the first single from Induce‘s upcoming, modestly-titled Wonderful Sound of Induce album, which is said to follow “the blueprint of certain classic albums that have come before, such as Bobby Brown’s Don’t Be Cruel, or Prince’s Diamonds & Pearls – to make nearly every single song single-worthy.”  That’s a pretty bold schematic.  I’m intrigued.

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