Body Language – Social Studies EP

First of all, have you been to I Heard It On lately?  Just recently, they went through a fancy schmancy re-vamp.  It also happens to be one of my favorite music sites.  It’s like the Hype Machine without the hype.  Shouts to Andrew and Ant.  It was also responsible for introducing me to this lovely piece of work.

First of all, Body Language gets props out the gate because they reside in Brooklyn.  There’s always room on my hard drive and iPod for some ethereal, electronic sounds to groove the f*ck out to.  There’s a healthy dose of dance, some soul, a little funk and a splash of pop…all put in a bowl and lit ablaze with one of those crème brûlée mini-flamethrowers.  And it goes down just as smooth.  Genres are getting stretched left, right, inside out and masterfully.

p.s. The above EP is completely free-o-charge.  However, if you’re feeling generous and wanna splurge a whopping $5, there’s a deluxe edition of the Social Studies EP with seven more tracks. You can snag that here.


Here’s what we thought about the new EP in our Body Language – Social Studies Review.

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