B.Lewis – La Semaine EP

I’ve had this on my iPod from the day I downloaded it…which happened to be sometime in September.  I dunno what sort of brain lapse caused me to not post this.  Because it is really dope. 

I didn’t take French in school (seven years of Spanish) so I had to hit up Google to learn that “la semaine” means “week in English.  On that same search engine trip, I had to do my homework on B.Lewis because the guy might be one of Cali’s best kept secrets.  Take a stroll through a conceptual week in B.Lewis’ musical life.  This EP is all instrumental except for the standout track, “First of You” featuring Dutch dynamo Mar.  Your earbuds will thank you for this.

DOWNLOAD | B.Lewis – La Semaine EP


good lookin’ out.

donnie added these pithy words on Dec 23 10 at 6:00 pm

Transplanted LA boy dropping these tunes in Bali on the rocks…thanks for the heads up!

GregV added these pithy words on Dec 24 10 at 4:27 am

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