Mar – “Single (Mar Variation)” (Lil’ Wayne cover)

This is one of those times where you MUST hear the original before the cover if you’re not familar with it.   Just this past Spring, the Nawlins martian Lil’ Wayne dropped a mixtape entitled No Ceilings and released a surreal, sticky-icky-and-sizzurp-fueled testament to semi-bachelorhood called “Single” as…the single (lol).  You can almost cut through the cloud and haze that must have been present during the inception of the track.  It’s actually a great track and a nice, even weirder departure from Weezy’s usual weird stuff (whatever that means). 

Then in steps a crazy-haired crooner from The Netherlands — the man simply known as Mar.  How you take a monotone rap song, create notes and turn it into a smoothed out soul track is beyond me.  But that’s what drew me to this.  And it works.  This is just the first of many Mar Variations to come, so stay tuned.

UPDATE (10/6/10):  Here’s a quick video intro to the Mar Variations endeavor.

DOWNLOAD | Mar – “Single (Mar Variation)” (right-click, save as)

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