DJ Day & Miles Bonny – “Learnin’ To Fly”

“Holy sh*t where the hell did THIS come from?”  That is exactly what I just exclaimed out loud in my living room after opening up a new email from the Kansas City chief of INnate Sounds crew Miles Bonny.  This is an amazing, cool-as-f*ck soul track produced by DJ Day called “Learnin’ To Fly.”  Previously an unreleased song from 2008, this will now be appearing on a soon-to-be-released compilation called Lumberjack Soul on one of my favorite overseas labels, Melting Pot Music (straight outta Germany).  I defy you to not play this repeatedly w/ the lights dimmed.

DOWNLOAD | DJ Day & Miles Bonny – “Learnin’ To Fly”


Oh yeah, came across this one recently. Incredible. So cool and funky!

Belle Boussole added these pithy words on Aug 11 10 at 10:53 am

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