VIDEO: This Is Hip Hop

This just might be the funniest YouTube clip that someone that has sent me in a long time (DJ Brainchild hit me on AIM w/ this doozy).  I don’t know when this was made or where it came from, but it’s obviously some kind of instructional video on how to “dance hip-hop” and “be hip-hop”…taught by some middle-aged Caucasian woman and three miscellaneous equally Caucasian teenagers.  It’s flattering and delusional all at the same time.  Everything Is Terrible did a great job editing all the best parts and dialogue into a 3-minute laughfest.  I swear I want to find the full video of this.  I’ll spend whatever for it.


Dee, you should definitely just see if your Aunt Sarah still has the original on VHS, no?

Kwis added these pithy words on Jul 21 10 at 9:06 pm

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