VIDEO: FADER TV – No Mas x Nike (Hogar y Visitantes)

Creativity is always running wild. It’s like kinetic energy. And it’s easy to snare if you have the mind power and time to apply.  NYC’s own No Mas seems to have perfected the art of showing these skills off at break neck speed.  And Nike has taken notice. 

The independent juggernaut and the corporate giant have got together to re-open the  255 Studio down in SoHo and introduce a new kind of experience for those who go ga-ga over limited edition and nouevau-vintage items.  I’ll be visiting this place ASAP.  Such a dope idea.  A little more info (via The Fader)…

“Hogar y Visitantes” or Home and Visitors is like an oasis of baseball design and memorabilia in downtown New York, and a place where athletic experts will assemble the bespoke sportswear of your wildest dreams. No Mas head honchos Chris Isenberg and Kimou Meyer walked us through the space, and helped one staffer realize a childhood dream uniform of her very own.

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