DJ Akalepse – Props Mixtape Vol. 1 (Another Spring)

If you have ever been to NYC in the past few years and you like to party, there’s no doubt that you visited a party called Little Ricky’s Rib Shack @ APT on a Wednesday, helmed by DJ Akalepse (upstairs) and the one-and-only Rich Medina (downstairs).  Until APT recently shut its doors indefinitely due to heavy city politics and other random f*ckery, it was one of the best weekly hip-hop / soul / dance shindigs in the city.  It catered to one of the most authentic feel-good crowds you will ever come across in your life.  It is very rare in NYC nightlife for a party to exist for MANY years on a weekly basis.

Since then, they have finally settled into a new home, Le Poisson Rouge (located in the West Village).  The party has also taken on a new moniker — Props.  As with any re-birth, you kinda have to start off fresh…as if it’s brand new.  To celebrate the new movement, the shorter, Caucasian half of the Props team, DJ Akalepse, let loose this free mix to give a taste of what vibe you can expect if you ever have the pleasure to catch him and Rich in their element.  Classic, lush, crackly vinyl here, folks.

DOWNLOAD | DJ Akalepse – Props Mixtape Vol. 1 (Another Spring)

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