VIDEO: Yahzarah – “Why Don’tcha Call Me No More”

Matt Koza is a crazy bastard.  And I think that’s dope.  For all my 25 and older crowd, you probably laughed out loud when you figured out what the inspiration was for this video.  If you don’t get, you probably lived a very sheltered childhood (and in the immortal words of the Korean store owner in Menace II Society, “I feel sorry for your mother.”)  At any rate, enjoy the raucously funky visuals for “Why Don’tcha Call Me No More,” the first single from Yahzarah‘s The Ballad of Purple Saint James, available now on Foreign Exchange Music.  Peep the epic cameos from Phonte, Nicolay, Geechi Suede (one half of Camp Lo) and Jesse Boykins III.

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