VIDEO: Suite 903 Interviews DJ Eleven, Cosmo Baker & DJ Ayres (The Rub)

Sometimes…okay, maybe most of the time…I’m spoiled because I live in NYC. If you’re in the knows, there are always plenty of changes to go out, have a couple beers, party and hear GREAT music masterfully selected by quality DJs.  The monthly Brooklyn party The Rub is one of the quintessential examples of that. 

The three DJs in the interview above (made possible by the always-hard working staff over @ Suite 903, shouts to OP! Miller) are somehow telepathically linked and can read a crowd like none other.  Music purists, this one’s for you.  Here’s a little more description for you detail-oriented peeps…

Dig in the crates, expect surprises at your fingertips. Vinyl! Away from the message boards and online hype sites for new music, rarities and exclusives are still out there on wax. In New York, three purists act as the bridge between new and old school — DJs Eleven, Cosmo Baker, and Ayres, collectively known as The Rub.

When old head DJs run out of tricks, Cosmo, Ayres, and Eleven flip the script. Between their collaborative and solo mixtapes on ’80s hip-hop or new jack swing, they’ve filled more gaps than Biz Markie’s grill. To hear them live at their monthly party in Brooklyn is the real kicker though where they glean all genres, peppered by their 12″ remixes of forgotten gems.

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