VIDEO: Nike Chase by ilovedust

You wouldn’t think so at first, but this is a freakin’ SNEAKER commercial (shouts to Freshness Mag, where I found this).  I tend to geek out at anything anime-like.  Nike Japan put in a call to request the incredible work of the folks over at the incredible ilovedust design / animation house.  A new line of Nike footwear was set to drop and the creative juices were set to flow.  And those juices were oh-so-potent.  The actual creators can break down the story alot better than I can…

We worked with AKQA in San Francisco to create an animation as part of a campaign for the new Sister One range from Nike for the South East Asia market. Once we finished the spot we decided to tweak it here and there for our own portfolio and what was once a 45 second piece featuring a girl dancing turned into a 1:20 epic about a girl-turned-superhero outsmarting an enraged robot through the centre of a Tokyo-inspired Metropolis.

We used the spot as an excuse to try out a bunch of ideas we’d been playing with around client work for the past few months along with some new techniques we’d been eager to try out.

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