VIDEO: Suff Daddy f/ Miles Bonny – “5 O’Clock Suff” (+ The Gin Diaries stream)

I watched this twice all the way through the first time I found the link. Suff Daddy is one of my favorite overseas producers, hands down. A healhty diet of Dilla and gritty hip-hop loop sensibilities has shot him right to the top of my “stupid fresh” list.  He manages to somehow keep a low profile and has a little mystery surrounding him.  But Melting Pot Music manages to be able to keep a good eye on him.

Peep this video for “5 O’Clock Suff” from the album The Gin Diaries which is availale now. Wanna hear the album in its entirety?  Fine, I’ll give you a stream below.  If you don’t fall in love w/ his music after all of this, go get your brain checked immediately.

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