VIDEO: Machinedrum f/ Tiombe Lockhart – “Whatchuthinkin”

Were you around last year when I ranted & raved about how amazing Machinedrum‘s 2009 opus Want To 1 2 was?  Here’s a quick refresher if not.  I also still hold it as one of my top five favorites albums of the year overall.  Going through my Vimeo home page / subscriptions the other day, I was pleasantly surprised to come across this…a song from his next full-length (aptly and chronilogically-titled Want To 3 4) featuring the earthy / fiery goddess Tiombe Lockhart.  It’s his usual concotion of glitchy sounds organized in very upbeat, dancy pattern and tempo.  This music is the future.  Make sure you’re able to say you were ahead of the curve EARLY.

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