Quadron – “Come You Can Go” (unreleased)

Quadron‘s amazingly lush and audubly picturesque self-titled album finally got an official US release (thanks for sharing them with us, Denmark).  All praise due to the gang over at Plug Research for recognizing that it needed to be heard.  This project originally dropped in the fall overseas.  But this team-up was a long time in the making.  Check out this unreleased joint that’s NOT on the album.

I assume this was done early on during the creative process and progress of recording the album (this was recorded in 2008, believe it or not).  It’s always dope to see stuff that hits the cutting room floor.  You can get a feel for the vibe and style they were trying to nail down.  All credit due to the now defunct UniverSOUL Productions blog for this.  If you’re out there (the creator of that blog) and reading this, props to you.

DOWNLOAD | Quadron – “Come You Can Go”


Just heard about them from my boy. Good to see Hannibal is doing some stuff. I’ve killed his album with Owusu.

donnie added these pithy words on Apr 09 10 at 8:05 pm

im going to the LA show tomorrow night! and i cant wait!
i love this group! thanks for the posting.

jennyb added these pithy words on Apr 13 10 at 4:08 pm

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