Flight Facilities f/ Giselle – “Crave You”

So I’m in Williamsburg this past Sunday at this spot called Nita Nita.  My good homie Ant Demby (one quarter of the I Heard It On team) does a monthly brunch there w/ guest DJs.  He didn’t spin that day so he hung out @ the bar.  And we eventually went into nerd mode and started talking about new music we liked.  He goes “You ever hear of Flight Facilities?”  I was clueless.

The next day (when we were both at our respective jobs), he IMed me the link to this Dream State Mix he did for Arcade 44 Magazine.  And the song “Crave You” was on it.  I almost flipped my desk over.  Where in the hell did this incredibly dope, bouncy dance track come from?  I was sold.

The same night, I was a guest on Jon Oliver‘s The Main Ingredient radio show on East Village Radio (peep the April 27 archive to hear the whole episode).  For the second hour, I was allowed to select a bunch of my favorite new joints.  I threw “Crave You” into the mix.  When that played, my Twitter started to blow the eff up with inquiries of who it was.  So I’m gonna share it w/ the masses and give all the props to Ant.  Apparently there are a sh*t ton of remixes floating around for this as well.  You’re gonna have to do that click work on your own.



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