Circle Research – Gardiner Express (album stream)

I make some of my best finds on the late night tip.  I haven’t been on the late night tune troll for a couple of weeks.  My eyes are heavy @ the moment but I’m fighting the cousin of death.  And it’s all worth it after hearing this.  How many of y’all are up the Toronto-based DJ / producer team Circle Research (Nik Timar & Gil Masuda)?

According to words spoken directly from the mouth of the taller, Caucasian half of the group, “…the Circle Research sound is sort of a mix of electro-soul meets boom bap with a smoked out analog digital vibe.”  Yeah, that sounds about right.  Peep the EPK to get the full lowdown.  There seems to be a big surge of folks merging hip-hop, soul and electronic sensibilities and completely catching wreck.  These crazy Canucks to have it down to a science.

So their brand new album, Gardiner Express, just dropped.  And I’m instantly hooked.  Like Pookie to a crack rock.  You want a hit?  You can stream the entire thing below.  And then when you’re ready to purchase the full-length, which I know you will, you can scoop it right here for a whopping $8.89.

p.s. Okay, I realize some of you greedier folks might want a freebie too?  That’s cool.  How does a Circle Research remix of Curtis Mayfield’s “Love Is By My Side” sound?  Good right?  Of course it does.  Snatch it up right here.

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