Chris P – Smack Your Ass, Pull Your Hair (D’Angelo Beat Tape)

There might be a mixed reaction to this.  First of all, I located this over at Yes Yes Y’all who originally unearthed it at Strictly Beats.  Coming across this on a late night new music hunt is kinda exciting.  Alot of folks probably think D’Angelo’s music should be left untampered.  When you have the likes of ?uestlove and the late J Dilla helping you out, there’s not much can go wrong.  But there’s always gonna be the guy who taps into that curious need to want to take things apart and put them back together.  That’s what Chris P decided to do.

It’s a weird trip but not so weird where you’re just ready to throw in the towel.  Alot of this was executed pretty efficently.  I wish I had more info on this Chris P guy, but I don’t.  But here’s a disclaimer that comes along with the project ( it’s a little sample nerdy for those who are really interested in the creative process)…

I’ve worked on this since 2000. 35 beats total.

I only cheated three times: 1 prince sample and 1 digital underground sample (both to enhance the particular beat), and ?uest’s drums from erykah’s “booty” on two beats. other than that, it’s ALL d’angelo samples. I left everything raw and jagged with some scattered effects. i did a more polished mix (with lots of compression, eq, fx, etc.), but the raw shit was just more dynamic. I used all original source CDs, LPs, 12″s, and CDQ bootlegs. and the “smile” remake on iTunes.

I tried to incorporate EVERYTHING D’-related, but i didn’t use “water no get enemy” and some of the misc rap features. Done out of 100% love for D’s music.

DOWNLOAD | Chris P – Smack Your Ass, Pull Your Hair

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