VIDEO: Quadron – “Pressure”

I’ve been on a mega-large Quadron kick since October of 2009.  Their self-titled album was released overseas around then but they remained pretty unknown here in the States.  But through the magic of social networking, blogging and good ol’ word-of-mouth, the duo have piqued interest here in the US and signed with indie outfit Plug Research to have their album enjoy a proper American release. 

If you’re up on your dope European producers, you may know the name Robin Hannibal (formerly of Owusu & Hannibal).  He’s the beatsmith half of this team-up.  And he snatched up his friend / vocalist Coco (one of his partners in Boom Clap Bachelors, another side project) and the rest is cosmic history.  I highly recommend you hop on the bandwagon now.   “Pressure” is actually the only “mainstream” sounding song on the album.  The full-length flirts heavily with alot of skewed electronic / soul concoctions.  It’s really something you need to let go and sink into.

p.s. Here’s a fun fact in case you were wondering (because I definitely was) – the name Quadron comes from the fact that both Robin and Coco are a quarter Black.

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