Donwill f/ Harlem’s Cash & The Park – “Love Junkie” (Wallpaper. remix)

OK you should have purchased Donwill‘s new solo album Don Cusack In High Fidelity by now. Seriously. I’ve talked about it to no end on this site.  I even put you on to a free mixtape.  And guess what?  I have yet another free treat.  It’s something I’ve been bumpin’ for a couple weeks now.  The feel of the song totally reminds me of the two consecutive years I went to Cancun for Spring Break. 

It’s fun, debaucherous and free-spirited.  If you don’t dance around with a frozen drink and spill that sh*t all over the place, you’re not doin’ it properly.  Ladies and gents, the Wallpaper. remix of “Love Junkie” with help from Harlem’s Cash and Cali-based band The Park.  We got a magical collabo here, folks.

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