DJ Shred One – DJ Spinna Tribute Mix (LIVE @ Devil’s Pie LA)

The super fine San Fran selector DJ Shred One is back with another fantastic mix for the masses.  The Evening at Le Cirque and Lovespace mixes did really well traffic-wise here on TFB and rightfully so.  Shred is really dope on the wheels.  The music is always quality and top notch.  So, are you ready for more?  Of course you are.

There’s a fly-as-hell monthly party that goes down in Los Angeles (Verdugo Bar) and San Francisco (Otis SF) called Devil’s Pie (I love their tagline – “soul by the slice”) and recently Shred was invite to spin one of the LA editions.  She decided to whip up a nice, well-rounded tribute to the incredibly talented triple threat (hip-hop / soul / electronic) producer DJ Spinna.  And better yet, the Devil’s Pie crew recorded the live mix, MP3-ed it up and voila…instant gratification.  This mix is so solid it’s not funny.

DOWNLOAD | DJ Shred One – DJ Spinna Tribute Mix (LIVE @ Devil’s Pie LA)


this mix is so top doggin it for me in the ride. been on rotate for the past few weeks!

meaty added these pithy words on Mar 24 10 at 12:39 pm

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